Bec Howard FRSA is an award-winning entrepreneur, psychotherapeutic executive coach and change maker. She is also a regular contributor and speaker on leadership and business, and particularly on the challenges and opportunities for women.

What fascinates Bec is how we communicate and how the language we use frames our experience which in turn shapes our lives and affects our level of success.

Understanding and harnessing the power of language and its effect helps us take control, create the results we want, and be the best we can be.

Bec applies her knowledge of business, the power of language, NLP and psychotherapy in three areas:



Bec is a multi-award winning entrepreneur; her three businesses Cynergy, Sensemakers, and ShinyMind all embrace the philosophy that businesses should not only be profitable but should also be a positive force within society. Her unique approach to business has seen her earn the title of North East entrepreneur of the year, be asked to speak at the House of Lords on ethical business and be invited to become a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts to recognise the contribution her businesses have made to society.


Executive Coach

Coaching CEOs, leaders and entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis to, within a short timeframe, achieve remarkable change in both their business and personal lives. A specialist in outcome-setting, leadership brand and authenticity, busy executives choose Bec when they are ready to step up career-wise or move their business forward, by ditching limiting beliefs to achieve true balance and success.

Bec creates identity level leadership change programmes which engage hearts and minds so individuals and organisations perform better and become more effective and become more fulfilled. Bec is a specialist in the psychology of identity and authenticity within business and is co-founder of The Five Gateways women's leadership programmes.


Change Maker

Applying psychotherapy to areas where it can create innovative behavioural solutions for individuals, organisations and society such as health, worklessness and offender rehabilitation.

Bec has also created a unique personal transformation brand for women "The Good Witches of the North" which is an exclusive mind retreat held in North Yorkshire, the home of personal transformation! Its "All in a Day's Work" programme was recently reviewed by Carol-Anne Rice, leading life coach, author and Daily Express "Happy Mondays" columnist as

"Five star coaching at its five star finest, if you only do one thing each year DO THIS"

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Female Entrepreneurs: It's not about perfection, fear of failure or acting like a man

Women's perceptions of their ability and skills to set up and run a business are lower than that of men - GEM 2012 Women's Report - and that's not just the UK but worldwide - so what exactly is going on? Why do women across the globe believe they are less capable than men? These limiting beliefs are stopping our progress, holding us back from accessing a career of self employment which research shows gives women more flexibility, balance and confidence.

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Therapy in the boardroom – Exploring the case for therapy as a performance and profit improver in business

Bec is giving 10 women leaders and entrepreneurs the chance to take part in her research, and places are available to any woman in business, anywhere in the country, who is serious about accessing transformational coaching to accelerate her business growth or career.

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Press Release Feb 15 - Free Coaching Opportunity

Psychotherapy is taking its rightful seat in the boardroom –
a London Business Journal article by Bec Howard, March 2015

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